About Us

At Vibrancy Foods we believe passionately that your food should be natural, nutritious, free of any preservatives and be the best fuel for your performance. When we set out to create Synergy Bar, we use that as our guiding principle. This bar is designed to power your day thanks to 3 super greens working in synergy to provide you with the best nutritional benefits. Simply put, we want to give you the best. That’s our passion.

We are what we eat and we all know that good nutrition is very important to stay healthy and feel good. Let's face it. Our lives are increasingly busy and they are times where we may not always have a moment to sit down and eat a good meal, or just want to enjoy a healthy snack on the go. Having a bar like synergy bar is like carrying that good nutritious meal with you all the time. I eat it for breakfast and keep with me for a healthy snack during the day knowing that I'm feeding myself with a bar that is both nutritious and good for me.